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Hello everyone! So today I will be sharing some new clothing pieces and some shoes with you (yes, I did some damage to my broke af student bank account). The weather has been really good lately, with the occasional thunderstorm here and there, but hey that’s what we’re used to here in Belgium. Anyways, as I was saying, the weather has been particulary good the past couple of weeks so I completely got into Summer mode and decided that I needed some more (probably unnecessary) Summer clothes. I will mention the prices and leave links to the clothes below every picture if I can find them.

So let’s get on with this haul!


So I do struggle a lot to find a playsuit that isn’t too short on me since I’m 1m80 (or 5′10 7/8 according to some website I used – don’t know if that’s right haha). Boohoo’s tall range really has my back at moments like these, and this time I managed to pick up this gorgeous black playsuit with a floral design on it. It’s a very breathable material and you have the option to tie the little belt it comes with around your waist or just leave the playsuit as it is. I bought this on their European website, which currently has 40% off everything, so grab this one up with a discount whilst you still can!


€ 21

| Link to the playsuit |


This is a brand that I really have been loving lately. I discovered it through Zalando and I’ve been getting stuff from them ever since! I was in desperate need of some nice black high waisted shorts and when I saw these I immediately threw them in my (virtual) basket! I love how it fits perfectly around my waist, but leaves me with some room around my legs so that I can move properly instead of impersonating Mumble from Happy Feet. I also doesn’t show of my ass, which – let’s be real here – no one ever wants, right? Last time I checked, these were sold out so I’ll try to see if they are back in stock or I’ll leave a link of some similar ones down below!


€ 25.95

| Link to similar shorts |


I got another pair of shorts, but this one is a lot thinner (pretty much the same material as the playsuit) and perfect for those hot Summer days. I liked the print and material of them sooo much! The only (HA get it “Only”) issue I have with this one is that the waistband sits a tiny bit too loose on me, but when I tried to size down, my legs couldn’t breathe.. So I decided to stick with this one, because it didn’t bother me too much that they were a bit loose around my waist. It’s not very clear in the picture, but there is a white stripe running down either side of the shorts, which makes it look just that tad bit more casual.


€ 16.95

| Link to the shorts |


Unfortunately I can’t seem to find this top on the Pull&Bear website, but it might still be in store since I didn’t purchase it too long ago. I love these kinds of tops in the Summer with a pair of high waisted denim shorts or a high waisted mini skirt. There’s not a lot more that I can say about this other than that I’m really excited to wear this out this Summer!


€ 7.99


Well.. I only went into Primark to get some more cotton pads, but I couldn’t stop myself from getting this cute mustard colored crop top as well. But then again, does anyone ever go into Primark for one thing and get out with only that one thing? What drew me to this top though, was the white lettuce detailing on the top and bottom. It’s so adorable and so affordable!


€ 4


Now this wasn’t something that I was supposed to get. I didn’t need another top, since I honestly don’t know where to stock these anymore.. but I just fell in love with the detailing and color of this top and how cute it looked. I honestly had to get it! I bet this will look so good with a tan as well ❤.


€ 19.99

| Link to the top |

Forever 21

This gorgeous pair of rust-colored high waisted flared pants was actually a gift from my mom (she’s the sweetest). The zip in the front is real and they have an elasticated waist so it’s very easy to get in and out of them. They fit nicely around my waist, a bit tighter around my upper legs (which I don’t mind) and then slightly flare out at the bottom. I usually wouldn’t wear something like this, but it’s fun to go out of your comfort zone every once in a while!


€ 21

| Link to the pants |

Dorothy Perkins

I got these sandals mainly to wear with the playsuit I showed you in the beginning, but they were also reduced from € 49.95 to € 27.45 so I just had to get them! The strap that goes around my ankle is a bit too big for me (small ankles over here!), but I’ll just pinch a new hole in it and then it should be fine. Overall I’m just really happy with this purchase and I bet it would look amazing with some of my sundresses as well!


€ 27.45

| Link to the sandals |

Marco Tozzi

And last but definitely not least I picked up something extra (and I probably didn’t need it either). This pair of gorgeous suede heels are in a soft muted baby pink color, whilst the heel and sole are covered in a colorful mix of glitter! They are so comfortable to wear and this is coming from a person that doesn’t wear heels that often! They also sell these in a few other colors, so I’m very tempted to get another pair but I’ll try to restrain myself. I don’t have an occasion to wear these to yet, but I’m sure I’ll find a reason to rock these sparkly heels!


€ 39.95

| Link to the heels |

So those were all the clothes and shoes I got this time around. I’m sure there will be another haul coming soon, but that will have to wait until after my finals.. Anyways, I hope you enjoyed my Summer clothing haul and I’ll see you next time!



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